Comfort Farms is a documentary film about the place, Comfort Farms, and the man, Jon Jackson,  behind one of the most interesting veteran run therapy programs in the country.
Expect an exciting, suspenseful dramatic documentary that really puts the audience in the shoes of it’s subject.  “Comfort Farms” will explore Jon’s own struggles and journey to make Comfort Farms a reality as a healing and therapeutic place for veterans to recover from PTSD and brain injury through Agro Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
Carlisle Kellam will direct and shoot a short dramatic documentary film (produced by Dee Thompson and Carlisle Kellam) about Comfort Farms in Milledgeville Georgia—focusing on the story of Retired Army Ranger Jon Jackson, his struggles as a combat veteran, a visionary,  and a man seeking healing for himself and others.
Interviews with Jon, some of the veterans, people in the community, as well as possibly some of the therapists and some of the volunteers, will show how far Jon and Comfort Farms have come in just over 2 years of existence. Also explored will be the idea of the farm as a non-profit seeking to be partially or perhaps solely self-sustaining one day, through sales of organic produce and meats to the community and to restaurant customers. The film will be shown at film festivals and possibly distributed for broadcast.
By contributing to the funding of this film you will help spread the message of hope and healing, so Jon can help more veterans and hopefully one day establish more Comfort Farms in other states.